Fantastic opportunity for some lucky person – electorate officer for Andrew Leigh (P)MP

I recall having lunch with the late great John Patterson about fifteen years ago and amongst the things he said was if you get to choose where you work, always base your choice on the quality of the people you’ll be working with. Which brings me to Andrew Leigh who has just become the ‘potential member’ for Fraser. (This is the title the Australian Electoral Commission have asked him to give himself until they finish the formalities. Wikepedia does not agree, insisting that he’s the ‘incumbent’ member for Fraser and has been since the 21st August 2010). Anyway, Andrew has already thrown himself into academic life with such gusto that he became a Professor at some outrageously early age  and he’s got a couple more years to go before he hits forty.

So he’s one of those people who really goes at things, and even better, he goes at one thing and then when he’s given it his all, he gives his all to something else. In this case representing the Australian Labor Party and the People of Fraser.  And he’s after staff. And you could be that staff member.  There will be lots of competition for this job, but if you win you will also win the Troppo Mercedes Sports and a trip to India for the Commonwealth Games flying Air India First Class and being met at the airport by Sonja Ghandi.

Andrew has very few character flaws, but he does have one.  I have never heard him say a nasty word about anyone.  Now I’m sure that some have heard him say nasty things about Liberals, but that’s his job. He wouldn’t say it normally.  Anyway, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to detect Andrew, presumably in a tired moment saying something not entirely nice about someone whom he is not paid to say nasty things about. You will then have to conceal the information until you write your kiss and tell memoirs.

Andrew Leigh, Potential Member for Fraser


Applications are invited for several electorate officer positions, based in Canberra. This advertisement anticipates the formal declaration of the election result, which is expected to occur within the next week.

The duties of the positions include: community engagement, liaising with government departments, preparing and coordinating correspondence, media liaison, organising functions and meetings.

Applicants should possess the following skills and experience:

  • A passion for community engagement
  • Hard working and enthusiastic about addressing local issues
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Well developed office IT skills
  • Strong organisational ability
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • An understanding of Australia’s system of government and parliamentary processes

A commencing salary between $42,662 and $66,868 will be paid (plus allowances). A probationary period of 3 months will apply. Both part-time and full-time applications are encouraged.

Applications including a cover letter and a CV with the names of three referees should be forwarded to

Applications close on Friday 3 September 2010.

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13 years ago

Re: Wikipedia claiming he’s incumbent from 21 August, they’re basing it on the way the parliamentary handbook does things. Although I’m sure you could drop by and tell them that the AEC regards “potential member” as better usage and they’d consider changing. Wikipedia’s decision making, even for such mundane things, is fairly visible if you can find the right place to look.

derrida derider
derrida derider
13 years ago

Yes, if Andrew is going to get further on in politics he’s gonna need someone to think the evil thoughts that he’s far too nice a person to think. Otherwise the hard men will do a Garrett to him.

Unfortunately few club Troppo readers will qualify for such a job – he should recruit someone from Sussex St.