Dr Peach needs a Grand Final ticket

Or two.

Well folks, here’s my report from the Preliminary Final hot from comments on my last post; Dr Peach will commentate for food, or at least for tickets to the Grand Final.

It was a crushing win.

The Pies took the game to a new place as they say. On the other hand one could overdo this. From Cloke’s first goal which was a chancy affair despite being shot from 30 metres out directly in front, the Pies were dead lucky – with the off-break showing just how lucky. At the other end of the ground the Cats were very unlucky. If the degree of luck had been reversed Geelong would never have been out of the game, even though they were dominated all round the ground. Their silky smooth handball was a joy to watch when it got going and showed just how little they need to stay in a game.

But luck was a more important ingredient than you’ll read about in any of the write-ups. Amazing to think that Collingwood could have dominated the game as it did so well for three quarters (and had its forward line functioning very well) and still the difference could have been about 3-4 goals going into the last quarter. I think if that had happened, Collingwood would still have won comfortably as it sd hv been able to hold its own in the last quarter with a bit more need to do so.

I’ll miss those Cats. But the crucial stat – Collingwood – average age 24. Geelong, average age 27. Bye bye pussies, you were a joy to behold.

Now Troppodillians, I know that for years now, you’ve been wondering what you can do to make up for all the effort the TroppoWrite team put in for the  TroppoComment and the TroppoLurk community. Now Dr Peach needs a ticket to the AFL Grand Final. It doesn’t happen very often. Being a Collinwood supporter (all Troppo Writers and Commenters are honorary Collingwood supporters – some moonlight with other clubs but we know where their real loyalties lie deep in their hearts. TroppoLurkers – we just don’t have the data, but it stands to reason that they’d support Collingwood, or that they could be persuaded to for at least one week – is that so much to ask?) I got to the 1970, and 1980 Grand Finals, nightmares that they were. I was in Canberra for 1990 so that was a downer. So I’ve never, ever been there for the Premiership that seems likely next week. (There was a Grand Final crowd of 95,000 at last night’s final).

So here is your big chance. Beg, borrow or steal me a ticket or two to the game and you can repay the Troppo team, and in particular me, for all those great posts that the whole team have posted day in day out for year on year. And of course although it will give you an inner glow it’s not all self sacrifice. No. In addition to whatever you can wring out of me in cold hard cash, there’s a generous dose of Troppo self-delusion thrown in.  In addition to the Troppo Mercedes Sports and the First Class trip to the Oprah Winfrey Show flying Air John Travolta, to be met at the airport by Barack Obama chauffeured by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, I will come up with a piece of virtuoso policy making – just for you. Regional policy, a cable to 100% of Australian households, zero waste, and zero carbon emissions are yours, just for the asking – and the ticket.

And remember we are talking of human rights here. Mental health, which has, thankfully come into its own as a political issue.

Email me at ngruen AT gmail DOT etc.

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Dave Bath
13 years ago

Nicholas, be careful, showing such graciousness and eloquence (much more than I can muster on such religious matters), you may cause some to doubt you are actually one of the faithful followers, who, if more showed such sensitivity (in public at least) would lessen the numbers hoping for an ABC win.

Dave Bath
13 years ago

Nicholas, Good luck gettiing the tickets. If I had any, I’d be lured into becoming a temporary apostate as far as assistance goes, but I’m afraid I cannot do other than wish for an ABC win. 150 years of genetic adaptation to south-west vic (traitors being at a reproductive disadvantage), casual work for the club during uni days, having Polly Farmer drive me around occasionally before we had a car, the Lords down the street, the Nankervis bros as my dad’s students and colleague, and a brother who fell into the worst kind of heresy as a teen…. Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders.

Sorry. I can empathise… Born 1960, unable to remember 63, it was a long wait until 07 with so many near misses.

Have an enjoyable day anyway.

Ken Parish
13 years ago

I have delved deep into my heart but regret to advise that I have not to date found any trace of loyalty or any other positive emotion towards the Pies. The closest I can come is that Nathan Buckley is a Darwin boy and I once worked in the office next door to his dad who is a good bloke. Is that close enough?

Anyway, good luck with the ticket quest.

13 years ago

Recalling the infamy of 1958 I can only hope that the Pies lead by a wide margin all day and then lose by a point, kicked after the siren on the back of a blatantly unfair 50m penalty.