Getting the begging bowl out again

I was a bit disappointed when we were in front and looked like winning by a point – at around the 25 minute mark? Why? Because my son was overseas on a school trip and he would have loved to have been at the Grand Final. So I was hoping St Kilda would have a Barry Breen to kick a point and that that would be that. A draw. The rest as they say is history. But now I need more tickets. Ideally three – one for me and my two kids, but failing that two, and failing that, yes, one. All the usual blandishments apply.

By the way, I did get tickets to the ground today, for me and my daughter, but not through Troppo. And through a source that I expect won’t cough up again. Any ideas?

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Dave Bath
11 years ago

I hope you get tickets.

Reading the Age editorial this morning, I was wondering about your reaction to the words “Ultra football, … too clever to be brutish, too bruising to be stylish.”

Yes, I certainly have sympathy for you as an individual, but I’m still hoping the longer drought gets broken.

Dave Bath
11 years ago

Somebody complained about people paying, and not getting a result. I replied “they paid for, and got, a grand final, so the contract was correctly executed. Indeed, they got a classic grand final that will be long remembered (like the Roos/Pies one in the 70s) rather than a boring walkover with no tension, so they can’t complain at /all/”

Glad you enjoyed the day.

BTW: If they need extra time next week, what is your opinion of use of the interchange bench after full time, if you were thinking as a purist not a partisan? Personally, I regret the devaluation of stamina in the modern game.