St Kilda by five goals

Well folks. I’m off to the MCG. Again. Who knows who will win but I have a bad feeling. Here are my thoughts.

  1. Collingwood is a better side.  Much better.
  2. To a remarkable extent collingwood forsakes the main weapon of most sides – the lead out from goal, the pass to the lead.
  3. Otherwise they’re very effective. Great in defence, great across half back and a great midfield. Apart from the lead they’re very effective up forward but haven’t solved their inaccurate kicking which is partly a result of being forced wide and snapping under pressure.
  4. St Kilda have a game which is well placed to neutralise our strengths – as they’re St Kilda’s strengths too.  Some sides have the ‘wood’ on others.  Saints have not quite the wood, but have a good defensive style to capitalise on our weaknesses.
  5. One side will win comfortably.
  6. Interestingly, although the game last week was of a very high standard, most of the best players for both sides didn’t play very well. Our three great midfielders, Swan, Pendlebury and Didak were all down. So was Riewoldt.
  7. Whichever of these guys can lift their game will win for their sides.

Anyway, like I said, who knows, and this list seems to add up to a Collingwood win.  But I’ve not a bad feeling, when I had a good feeling last week.

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John Passant
13 years ago

All is forgiven. Magpies in Melbourne, Saints in Sydney.

13 years ago

It would have been closer without the Heath Show smother and the “posters” but it is hard to see how the result could have been different. The really strange thing is how close the Saints got to a win last week.

A strange call, acccording to a report somewhere, a commentator said of Shaw “he sneaked up on him like a librarian”.

Rafe Champion
13 years ago

Would it make a difference to have someone like Jonathan Brown at centre half and a recognized full forward like Bradshaw or Lynch? Come to think of it, I can’t even recall who plays in those positions for the Pies. Is it a matter of changing the attacking stategy or it is a matter of doing the best with the troops who are there. Is there a forwards coach at the club? What is he saying to them? Has he spent quality time with Cloke?

This is not just a carping commentary, if the attack is not lifted they remain vulnerable to sides that are not nearly as good, like Saints last week.


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