A picture tells a thousand words – well five or six words would do it too

One word would be OK too – Tragedy. HT Lord Turner (again).

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  1. Neerav Bhatt says:

    I totally agree.

    Unfortunately there will be winners and losers and the losers (coal power station owners, oil companies, energy intensive industries like Aluminum smelting etc) will do their darndest to block moves to achieve meaningful emissions cuts

  2. Braddles says:

    This is a joke, right?

    It’s just finally dawning on people, even the writers on the Guardian, no less, that Europe is achieving absolutely nothing in the way of genuine emission cuts. Any claimed cuts since 1990 are illusory, and are swamped by increased emissions from making products imported into Europe. These real emissions went up 40%.

    So 13 years of sanctimonious moralising by Europeans since Kyoto has achieved no net emission cuts at all. And we are supposed to believe that emissions cuts of 80% will have no measurable economic effects? That is the most wilful ignorance imaginable.

  3. Nicholas Gruen says:

    You’ve looked into the matter have you Braddles?

    Btw, I’m with you (and on the record) about European sanctimonious moralising.

  4. Jamesafalk says:

    Mmm…a picture tells a thousand words – especially when it hides the assumptions behind the modelling and presumes the need for action in the first place. Even when I disagree, usually you do much better.

  5. Nicholas Gruen says:

    I’m flattered that you think I do better mostly, but this is OK too – trust me. The graph is consistent with most independent looks at the problem. After all France generates something like 80% of its electricity from nuclear energy. They’re not exactly crying poor you know. Do you have a study you think is better – and can you share with us why?

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