Professional development

When you’re regulated, like mortgage brokers are, regulators sit around thinking what it would be good for you to do. What could be better than to get you to do ‘professional development’? Wasn’t that one of the reasons you got regulated in the first place? Because you weren’t professional enough? After all, you’re a professional aren’t you? Your invested in your professionalism or at least in others seeing you as you hope they see you, as a professional. The regulator likes you to be professional. It’s their job to make you professional and to ensure that the public have confidence in the industry.  So you need professional development.

To make sure you do enough of this, there are professional development points and you have to get so many per year. If you just sell home loans, you can get two thirds of your yearly requirement for professional development from going to a course on how to sell commercial loans. The fact that it’s completely useless to you is neither here nor there. The fact that it doesn’t make you any better at what you are doing is neither here nor there.

But lots of professional development involves golf. Golf is a pretty professional looking sport – better than rugby for instance. You don’t have to dress in a tie for people to get the idea that you’re a professional.

And professionals need to sell (well mortgage brokers need to sell).  In fact they’re not really professionals at all – they’re salespeople – and salespeople dress like professionals.  That’s why you can get 3 PD points for going to this function.

Sell More, Live Well

The ability to earn more, work smarter, be professional and do this in a time effective manner is surely what all mortgage brokers are seeking?

Explore the intricacies of having a Prospecting, Presenting and Closing process work for you and your business.

Attend this session and take away specific actions that translate your effort into earnings.


  • How to find four more sales per month… starting this month
  • How to get more referrals
  • The basics of success filled prospecting
  • Principles of prospecting success
  • Strategies to increase your sales results by 50%

Presenting Your Business Value Proposition Attractively

  • How to present your business so that people wont “shop” you
  • Why people should buy from you
  • Defining and selling the benefits of you and your business
  • The seven steps to an easy sale

Closing More Sales

  • Getting paid for all that you do
  • How to close more sales
  • How to stop the banks from stealing your prospect
  • Simple, but strategic approaches to getting more referral business
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Matt C
13 years ago

Nicholas, I’m enjoying these posts on the general topic of bullshit