LAST DAY – 104 SUBSCRIPTIONS ACHIEVED:Crikey group subscription

Yes, folks.  It’s that time again. Crikey are reminding me that it’s time for your group subscriptions. If you’ve already got one through me, I’ll be shooting you an email to find out if you want to repeat the dose. We got sixty subscriptions last year so got to the maximum discount (these discounts seem to be slipping away a tad these days, perhaps as Crikey executives slurping their pina coladas on their lilos in their heated lap pools on the top floor of the Eureka Tower observe the success of this now ritual offering and wonder how much ‘leakage’ they’re allowing from people who might otherwise pay the full subscription. Channel conflict, the scourge of the modern business.)

Anyway, if you want to be part of the action and you’ve not received a reminder email from me,  please email me on ngruen AT xxxgmail DOT com – and forget those ‘xxx’s. They’re just there for our silicon friends.

Group Subscriptions

3-5 Members – $115

6-9 Members – $105

10-19 Members – $95

20-49 Members – $85

50+ Members – $75

Update: You’ve missed out! The subscription is now closed. We got over 110 subscriptions and I think most, though not all of them were from people who wouldn’t otherwise have subscribed. A win-win as Adam Smith would have said (not!)

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