Erwin Fabian Exhibition in Collingwood, Vic till 20th March 2001

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Dunera Boy Erwin Fabian, about whom I’ve written at least twice before is at it again – which is to say he has another exhibition on. He’s in his mid-nineties now and still working away every day in his North Melbourne studio (which is an old tin shed). I went to the opening the other day and tried to put something up here before I went, however I was unable to get any good graphics.  There are still no good graphics of the exhibition on the relevant site, but to the right is a graphic of a sculpture of an earlier exhibition.

You should pop along if you can make it to Collingwood. I think the sculptures are some of the best of his that I’ve seen.

One point I’ve not raised before is that Erwin’s sculptures have always been priced at such stratospheric levels that I’ve never really been tempted to buy any – ever – though we had a small one in our house which he gave to us a long time ago.

The sculptures at the exhibition range from $95,000 to 35,000 and none had sold at the end of the opening. Perhaps Erwin has ready buyers in London and Germany, where he was born and where he also exhibits.

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