I’ve spoken about it previously, but I’ve just found the treasure trove above of Farnarkeling reports from the Gillies Report. The form of comedy is so pure that the final song is a bit of a pity – as good as it is – compared with the wonderful reports.

And you can find two more here. If you’ve never seen these things you’re in for a treat!

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13 years ago

Farnarkeling if my memory serves me right was originally reported on as an international sport by John clarke way back in the National Times. but as that is so long ago my memory may mislead.

paul walter
paul walter
13 years ago

Clarke (or someone) used to do world farnarkeling championships reports when “Veronica Glenhuntly” (Jill (Jean?) Kitson)did her ABC style news reports on the Big Gig, with her handiwork the parody of the typically snotty news readers tv stations use to read the mid evening news, when she wasn’t in leotards for the tragic figure of airheaded middle class Candida.
What amazing teev Gillies and the Big Gig brought us.