Nice celebration of this special day


Feel free to share stories of good April Fools jokes in comments.

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Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill
13 years ago

The Age had a good one today focused on soon to be ex-Senator Stephen Fielding

john walker
john walker
13 years ago

This one originated with Jeremy Phillips IPKat : 1709 blog
( reported on Intellectual Property Watch)

April 01, 2011. A Special Day: Vision Gets A Little Fuzzy

In a surprise and fully uncorroborated development, it appears that World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Francis Gurry has been named a new contributor to an illustrious IP blog. The announcement came at the same time as news that WIPO will likely embark on wishing for an annual crackdown list of global IP blogs deemed to be inadequately living up to the highest levels of intellectual property protection and decorum.

Link to the article: