Missing Link Friday – Quick hits

Judith Sloan vs the environment. If you’re trying to reach Judith Sloan and she won’t pick up the phone it’s probably because she’s still in the shower.

Blue Milk writes: "Last week I had to compose an embarrassing email to the library explaining that I had lost their copy of ‘The Art of Organising Anything’."

Centrifugal forces. "I am more than concerned that the National Broadcaster has become a political mouthpiece for the ultra conservatives" writes Concera Vota at the GetUp Campaign Ideas forum. At Catallaxy Sinclair Davidson calls Get Up an "extremist left-wing lobby group".

Obama’s position on Israel. "Obama is now ready to advocate the next step of his plan to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth", writes Quin Hillyer in the American Spectator blog. Doug Matconis thinks that might be an overreaction.

Does anyone like criticism? One of the key insights of the social media age is that journalists don’t like criticism, writes veteran blogger Tim Dunlop. Tim goes on to complain about journalists attacking, caricaturing and dismissing the work of bloggers.

Let them eat piroshki. At Translations, Joel is frustrated by the debate over middle-class welfare.

It’s not complicated. At Fat Heffalump sleepydumpling writes: "on the 28th of May, I will be joining the Brisbane SlutWalk, not to reclaim the word slut or proclaim myself a proud slut, but to stand up and stay that nobody deserves rape for any reason."

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Ken Parish
10 years ago

I have considerable sympathy with Judith Sloan’s reaction, although anyone who uses the word “deplaned” with a (figuratively) straight face has real credibility problems as far as I’m concerned.