A couple of goodies on the ABC

Someone in the ABC recommended the Foreign Correspondent of a couple of weeks ago which can be seen on iView – amazing scenes of the Japanese tsunami. Watch it if you can – pretty spellbinding I’d say. And I’ve been listening to ‘First Person‘ on weekday mornings, which is a series of 15 or perhaps 20 minute autobiographical readings. It’s very often not available for download because of the prospect of selling cassettes (with a pitifully small chance of making any serious money from it I suspect).  But in fact, they seem to be letting up at the ABC these days and I recommend “10 Hail Marys” for downloading. A very gutsy pregnant 15 year old Catholic girl fighting all the odds to keep her baby.  Normally I’d not be particularly sympathetic to such a quest – who knows whether keeping the baby was right for the baby? – and this isn’t normally the kind of narrative I’m drawn to, but it’s an amazing story. Not many 15 year olds would have the guts and presence of mind not to give in against all that pressure.

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