Bleg: for a really good economist (probably an academic specialist) in the economics of resource rent

I’m trying to find the above mentioned person for a one off consulting job – for a friend’s work, not Lateral Economics.

Any suggestions?

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paul walter
paul walter
12 years ago

“I don’t get out of bed for under $10,000 a day..”

12 years ago

Well howsabout an eggspert on the anomolies of leftist rent-seeking? How does the brilliant leftist land tax hive-mind work in South Oz?

Lets take Mr and Mrs A who live in a $2mill McMansion as joint owners and single Ms B who has only been able to afford a $1mill home at the same stage of the lifecycle, but there’s more. Mr and Mrs A have been thrifty and own two $500k home units they’re renting whilst Ms B has only managed to pay off one $500k unit in the same block. Now their principal places of residence are exempt from land tax whatever their respective assessed unimproved values, but the units are all assessable on their (say $300k) unimproved land valuations by the VG. Now MsB pays no land tax because the $300k is right on the $300k cut-in threshold but unfortunately Mr and Mrs A pay $2075pa land tax because they forgot to put each unit in separate names instead of joint ownership and that’s the tax on ‘their’ holdings and serves them right the wealthy Bs!

You see RevenueSA have a marvellous way of looking at ability to pay land tax. If X owns say 3 properties (beyond the principal residence) then X pays land tax aggregated on all titles in X’s name only, whereas Y and Z can split their thresholds 3 ways by having Y, Z and Y&Z ownership on the same 3 titles. True story but I know what you’re thinking. You can go on the RevenueSA land tax calculator site and have a play to see how horrendously such unequal treatment adds up with progressive scales and property ownership, even before you consider how much respective property is under mortgage or life cycle effects (eg MsB is 23 after an inheritance while Mr and MrsA are say self-funded retirees)

It’s why I say we need a level playing field, neutral ANWT, albeit lifecycle adjusted, rather than all this sort of ridiculous crap. On top of resource taxing ONLY of course. It’s the constitution of our marketplace stoopids!