Troppo helps raise over $30,000 for Africa!

I’m thrilled to say that we raised over $30,000 for Africa. Troppo itself initially raised a little over $2,000 to which would have been matched the contribution I’d promised, but in the last day I also said to the fund raisers that if they could get some more funds in by referring their clients to the site I’d match them. They proceeded to come up with some substantial and one very large donations. This took me to my maximum exposure – which was bounded by half the amount needed to fund all the kids shown which took Troppo’s contribution to over $11,000 with the final result being over $30,000 for the kids of Kibera. Pretty good huh? And thanks to all for participating.

And of course it’s not to late to give. Just download this pdf for the bank details and follow the instructions on the previous post and off you go.

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Marguerite Ryan
13 years ago

Women for Women in Africa is most grateful for the wonderful support of Nicholas Gruen and Club Troppo. All the money raised will go 100% to the education of children living in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi. Kibera is the worst slum in Africa and one million people live without sanitation, electricity, water in shanties 10ft by 10ft. Kibera is 10 times the size of the MCG. Most of the women have had no formal education but they know that they must try and give their children the opportunity to go to school. That is rather impossible when they would be lucky to get work to earn 75cents a day and still have to feed and house their families. The children have one dream and that is to go to school and they come to our Centre pleading for the chance or just sitting at the Centre in the Informal School hoping that a teacher will come. We do have a teacher and we have a full room of children with many being turned away. We hope to get a bigger and better Centre in the future.

This cannot be done without the wonderful support that we get from our Australian friends. In 7 years more than 1500 children have been fully educated or supported in their education. Without our help these children would not have gone to school and would possibly be street kids, prostitute, pregnant with HIV or dead. So we have made a difference.

All WFWIA Directors and Associates are volunteers. I will be going to Nairobi in August and I will be able to tell our friends of your wonderful assistance.

Our very sincere thanks to Nicholas Gruen and all on Club Troppo.

Marguerite Ryan

Chair, Women for Women in Africa.