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I don’t know much about this picture except that it seems to be begging to have a caption competition about it.  And here at Troppo, we’re never afraid of a challenge. Nothing is too serious to trivialise. So please supply us with a caption.  The winner of the comp will be flown to pick up the Troppo Mercedes Sports which has been garaged in Paris where it has been a stunt double in a movie about Princess Di.

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28 Responses to Caption Comp

  1. NBS says:

    Uh-oh, no more feed in the bucket. The PIIGS will riot!

  2. Mr Denmore says:

    ‘Come on guys, 75 euros? Maybe we need a bigger bucket?’

  3. Patrick says:

    Um, there’s no rabbit?

  4. Nicholas Gruen says:

    I’m from the Australian delegation. I’ll just pop this on, but next time can we do it properly. It’s supposed to be made of iron and have a slit in so I can see who I’m shooting at.

  5. aidan says:

    Mere moments before …. “Berlusconi just touched me, quick, get me a bucket I’m going to be sick”

  6. aidan says:

    “You’re telling me this isn’t the Eurovision Song Contest?”

  7. TimT says:

    So that’s where they keep Svalbard’s national savings!

  8. desipis says:

    The EU considers alternative methods to pour cash into the Greek economy.

  9. wilful says:

    “Gimme a bucket”

    “Just a wafer-thin debt, Monsieur EU, a wafer more”

    “your check, Monsieur EU”

  10. john walker says:

    “Merde, where is the rabbit?”

  11. RebeccaG says:

    Spain’s Finance Minister looks for new ways to finance the nation’s stretched social security system.

  12. D Mick Weir says:

    ‘ … what hole, I can’t see any hole

  13. murph the surf. says:

    Look I know we have expanded the membership but these key parties are getting out of control.

  14. wizofaus says:

    The BBC article it was from already suggested a possibility:

    “Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes looking for her department’s policy on containing leaks”.

  15. Patrick says:

    Kroes is not French, and is well to the right of the European spectrum. Apart from that RebeccaG’s entry is quite good.

  16. Patrick says:

    Not Spanish. The French reference is to everyone else who seems to think that Europeans are all French.

  17. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    Is this the bucket I’m to be flown in to pick up the Mercedes Sports? Really?

  18. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    This bucket is so made in China

  19. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    New buckets for old … new buckets for old

  20. Pappinbarra Fox says:

    Who took the last of the ice-cream?

  21. James Farrell says:

    Food poisoning or no, the delegates had to reach agreement by Friday afternoon.

  22. murph the surf. says:

    Reflecting on the Commissions new Sustainability in Fishing Initiative the British commissioner inspects the newly developed Bycatch life sustaining unit.One per boat.

  23. john walker says:

    Rupert, Rebecka, james, you can not stay in there for ever.

  24. TimT says:

    We’ve GOT to get a better teleprompter.

  25. TimT says:

    Mr Bucket would come to regret doing publicity for the European Union.

  26. TimT says:

    Quick! The Germans are coming! Do we have any umlauts left?

  27. desipis says:

    The bucket is inspected just moments before the kicking ceremony that marked the end of the Euro.

  28. Paul Montgomery says:

    “It’s pronounced Bouquet.”

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