Do women behave more reciprocally than men? (Hint: yes)

Do women behave more reciprocally than men? Gender differences in real effort dictator games
Heinz, Matthias, Rau, Holger A., and Juranek, Steffen


We analyze dictator allocation decisions in an experiment where the recipients have to earn the pot to be divided with a real-effort task. As the recipients move before the dictators, their effort decisions resemble the first move in a trust game. Depending on the recipients’ performance, the size of the pot is either high or low. We compare this real-effort treatment to a baseline treatment where the pot is a windfall gain and where a lottery determines the pot size. In the baseline treatment, reciprocity cannot play a role. We find that female dictators show reciprocity and decrease their taking-rates significantly in the real-effort treatment. This treatment effect is larger when female dictators make a decision on recipients who successfully generated a large pot compared to the case where the recipients performed poorly. By contrast, there is no treatment effect with male dictators, who generally exhibit more sefish behaviour.

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paul walter
paul walter
12 years ago

Reducing and probably too far, women lack the physical firepowerof men, they rely on their wits, instead: net working and negotiating are part of the suite.