Missing Link Friday – It’s Craig Thomson free!

Beer: Who has the best beer? Chris Bertram isn’t sure … but it’s not the Welsh.

The fatosphere: Fat acceptance blogs can improve health outcomes according to a recent study. Sunanda Creagh reports.

Why inequality is like cholesterol: Matt Cowgill and Mark Bahnisch discuss a new book by Branko Milanovic.

Becker on good and bad inequality: "Attractive public policies encourage the good earnings inequality and attack the bad inequality through laws, taxes and subsidies, and in other ways" writes Gary Becker.

Posner on inequality and envy: "The position one occupies in the distribution of income and health is largely a matter of luck" writes Richard Posner.

The happy poor? Are poor people are happy because they’re less materialistic and more focused on relationships? It’s unlikely says Anna Barford. And even if they were that wouldn’t make it ok.

Sinclair Davidson on food stamps: It’s "a standard microeconomic result that food stamp programs are economically inefficient – if you’re going to hand out welfare it’s best to simply hand out cash" says Sinclair Davidson.

Libertarian anticapitalism: Can you support free markets but oppose American capitalism? Charles Johnson says yes.

College students shun librarians and turn to Google: But according to a recent US study, students are: "basically clueless about the logic underlying how the search engine organizes and displays its results".

House prices: Australian house prices will be flat in income-adjusted terms for next 10 years, says Christopher Joye.

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KB Keynes
KB Keynes
12 years ago

Sinclair linked Robert Barro’s article in the WSJ. David Glasner takes Barro apart.

You really have to worry about Barro these days. Fancy believing there is no market failure in the US today. What is the unemployment rate?

All of his efforts to show that government spending has no impact on increasing GDP i.e. there is no multiplier has ended up with egg all over his face as has made very basic mistakes.