Free SIM card for a couple of weeks in the States

I’ve just got back from the USA and whilst there bought a SIM card for $60 which entitled me to one month’s free calls throughout the US to mobiles and landlines and to landlines in other countries including Oz.  Oh – and unlimited data – though not very fast after the first 100 mess which got used up in a couple of days. It was good value, and it’s got about two weeks to run. Anyone want it?

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Steve at the pub
12 years ago

Ummm,…. ah…. er….. using someone else’s simcard has its hazards.
Will whoever takes it be finding themselves in a Dr. Haneef style mess?
Or will some Deputy Sherriff (with paunch) be handcuffing the simcard holder after a highway chase, for purported downloading of “inappropriate” or perhaps even “terrorist sympathetic” data in that first 100mb?

Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
12 years ago

Sorry this is slightly off topic, but your mention of data charges reminded me of something I wanted to air and get some comment on.

Earlier this year, my son spent 6 weeks in Europe. He did not use his phone for calls, just a few texts. He got a bill for $2400 – all data download associated with apps that he was not using. He complained to Telstra for 30 minutes – no result. He complained again and escalated it up two levels of management. He complained specifically about not being warned (using proper legal speak – he is currently doing law). It took about an hour of arguing but… the bill was waived and he was given $50 credit on his next month’s bill!

His friend got a bill for $1500 for the same thing. He got 50% waived after arguing for an hour. He is furious now that he did not get 100% waived.

I am getting the impression that these data charges are not legal, otherwise Telstra would not waive them. But most people just pay it. Has anyone had similar experience?

12 years ago

going to the USA next year, what was the sim card that you got?