Missing Link Friday – Capitalism and other outrages

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is growing: "The challenge for those of us who believe in market economics is how to restore business legitimacy", writes Peter Shergold.

The top one per cent: "One of the most striking successes of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been the ‘We are the 99 per cent’ idea, and more specifically in the identification of the top 1 per cent as the primary source of economic problems." John Quiggin.

Who are the top one per cent? According to Dave Gilson at Mother Jones, they’re not all Wall Street execs.

Why aren’t rich people hiring servants? The Atlantic’s Megan McCardle suggests six reasons why increasing inequality and unemployment in the US hasn’t led to a rise in the number servants.

Mary Poppins? "Some British nannies specify that they only fly business class — though many have use of the family planes", reports Robert Frank in the Wall Street Journal.

Did Steve Jobs give good advice? "’Find what you love and never settle for less’ is an excellent recipe for frustration and poverty", advises Will Wilkinson.

Good news, bad news: "Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been struck by a series of good news stories that have accidentally been reported as bad news stories" writes Jeremy Williams at Post Growth.

Journalists are self-righteous hypocrites, says Mr Denmore: "Yes, freedom of speech and a free press are critical to democracy. But I find it hard to rally around the freedom flag when so many are silent in the face of journalism that uses spin and distortion and outright lies in aid of an agenda to smear the least advantaged and most voiceless in our community; of journalism that champions freedom without reference to relative power relationships." Mr Denmore on journalists’ response to the Bolt judgment.

Rudeness: British PM David Cameron thinks rudeness is on the rise. He wants government to help foster responsibility and stronger communities. But according to the Philosopher’s Beard: "This whole approach is based on a mistaken idea about rudeness, that there are rude people and normal people, and that something must be done about the rude people to make them more normal."

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