Melbourne Ignite – on again on Nov 30th

Another Ignite Melbourne is on! What is that? Ignite is a format for public speaking which emerged from the tech sector. You get exactly 5 minutes to speak and you must speak to slides that move forward at a preset rate every 15 seconds. It’s quite hard to do well, which is part of the fun of it. Kind of like a haiku for demagogues. If some of the tyrants of the Middle East had learned to be a little more succinct they may not have come to quite such sticky ends.

The other rule is that usually these sessions are organised by tech types, and so they want you to speak about tech related things – but most themes that would fit a TED talk would work well with Ignite. I had a go here. Anyway, there’s another Ignite session on on the 30th November at the Apartment in Little Bourke St (a pub). It’s a lot of fun. So maybe I’ll see you there.

And maybe you’d like to try your hand at the art form. If so, email Mark Mansour on mark AT agilebench DOT com NO dot au.

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