Brave Battlers Best Bloated Banks: Tabloids Tout Triumph

Struggling Australians breathed a sign of relief today, when they read that the ‘relentless pressure‘ applied by Melbourne’s Herald Sun has forced a humiliating climb-down by the big banks and  delivered  the full interest rate reduction passed down from on high.

The paper reports that “Scrooge bank chiefs who had been silently sitting on the rate cut and gouging more than $4 million a day from their customers” faced a withering barrage of Twitter and Facebook incendiary bombs, eventually throwing up their hands and surrendering to the superior generalship of the editorial team at the Herald Sun, who generously gave the downtrodden a voice, and assured victory for the people.

Little Australian  kiddies, can now sleep soundly knowing that they will get the XBox 360 Kinect AND their own Hi-Def TV to play it on this Christmas, and their parents at least,  unlike our big  banks, will experience the joy of giving.

We’re not a religious lot we Australian’s, but this festive season, Australian’s will surely be whispering a little prayer. “Thank God for Melbourne’s  Herald Sun”.


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12 years ago

Rex, you seem a bit annoyed at our beloved little paper with big pictures.
Yet somehow it seems to outsell its rival, the big paper with little pictures by about 5 to 1. Why?
Let me list the reasons
It is little
It has big pictures
It has lots of sport
Often the sport is on the front page
Sometimes it has a wrap-around aports section with MORE sport on the inside.
What more could you want?

12 years ago

Chris, I don’t care that it outsells its rivals, nor that it is filled with sport – I do find it’s presumption to be the voice of the people to be somewhat insulting to the good burghers of Melbourne.

12 years ago

I have it on good authority from my sources at Wickedleaks that the RBA Board was evenly split between declaring THE interest rate at 4.2% or 4.3% when Glenn checked his messages and relayed that Wayne and the natives were getting mighty restless out there so they quickly settled on 4.25% for an announcement. Apparently everyone was happy with that eventually, except for the Board of the ANZ who thought it should have been 4.26% and so they decided they’re not going to take much notice of Glenn and Co in future. Instead they’ll work it out for themselves in their own spare time when it’s more convenient for them to have a meet.