A joke

I ran into James O’Loghlin at the Innovation Awards in Brisbane last week. He MCed the awards and in introducing the evening with a 10-15 minute monologue that was sufficiently funny that I the dim dark recesses of my brain reminded me that he was a stand up comedian before he was and ABC announcer. He was very good.

In any event, in discussions after the show I asked him if he knew any good jokes – as in jokes one tells. He said he’d heard one lately that he liked.

A man is walking home one night and walking down the path to his front door. It’s night time and the ground is damp. He takes his foot and flicks a snail off the pathway into the garden.



Three years later there’s a knock on the door . . . It’s the snail. The man answers the door.

The snail says “What the fuck was that about?”


I laughed.

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9 Responses to A joke

  1. KB Keynes says:

    He was a lawyer before becoming a comedian.

    John Cleese read law but I do not think he ever practised

  2. Dr Troppo says:

    I asked an ex-comedian is he knew any good jokes.

    He said “No”.

  3. rog says:

    It made me laugh..gentle humour.

    Yes, I think he still does some law.

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  5. observa says:

    I’ve got a better one. You know how Federal Labor are introducing a big fat carbon tax to save the planet? Meanwhile State Labor are busy Greenwashing.

  6. wilful says:

    so observa, you do this for a living?

  7. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Yes, it appears so. Sad really – eventually he’ll discover that it doesn’t earn any money ;)

  8. observa says:

    Relax folks, I’ve been a good boy and salted away the pennies and Labor Govts are always good for a laugh, although I can appreciate it’s always at the battler’s expense. There might be a moral to the snail’s knock on the door there ;)

  9. murph the surf. says:

    I can’t resist this one – a all time favourite…
    Two elephants walked off a cliff.
    Boom , Boom!

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