Crikey group subscription: Offer ends Friday!!

Here is this pesky subscription drive at the top of Troppo again. I’ll pull it down in the next few days. But OFFERS END FRIDAY 17th Feb!!

It’s on again folks. Crikey subscribers on the group subscription I organise have begun getting presubscription emails. Whether you are a subscriber already or not, you can subscribe through this means and qualify for the discounts Crikey offer. 

Prices keep rising, and they’ve risen again this year. Here’s the schedule.

If you want to join the subscription, please email me on ngruen AT gmail.

Then in a few weeks from now I’ll shoot a list of names and email addresses to Crikey and they’ll follow up.

Group Subscriptions
3-5 Members – $125
6-9 Members – $115
10-19 Members – $105
20-49 Members – $95
50+ Members – $85

We have made it past 50 subscribers for several years now, and I’d expect to do so again this year, though I can’t be certain.
I will leave applications open till at least February the 17th. As at Feb 6th there are 35 subscriptions.

Post-postscript: Having sent a bcc email to all current group subscribers earlier today, we’re now at 53 subscribers with more dribbling in – so it looks like the lowest fee is assured.

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14 Responses to Crikey group subscription: Offer ends Friday!!

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  2. Sancho says:

    So is that the subscription price per person, or for the whole group?

  3. Martin says:

    @Sancho: per person

  4. paul walter says:

    Nicholas am definitely interested but my computer won’t recognise your email as above,so I cant join the subs list. Can you include me from here?

  5. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Sure – why not?

  6. paul walter says:

    Magic. Do I need to do anything else just now?

  7. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Having sent a bcc email to all current group subscribers, we’re now at 53 subscribers – so it looks like the lowest fee is assured.

  8. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Paul, If oxygen masks fall from the console above your head, fix a mask to your head before you attend to others and continue to breathe normally. That should more or less get you over the line.

  9. paul walter says:

    Whilst patting my head and hopping, whilst patting my belly with the spare hand…
    Do we get a fridge magnet?

  10. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Patting your head and hopping is unnecessary and frowned upon, but not forcibly prevented. We are above fridge magnets at Troppo.

  11. wilful says:

    I’m due to expire in April, may as well sign up now. Though they will doubtless stuff up my expiry date, they have every year up til now, though they always fix it with good grace.

  12. Michael says:

    Thanks again for doing this! I responded to you via email (and you confirmed via reply), but haven’t heard anything from Crikey yet. Is that the same for everyone, or have I fallen into a black hole? Thanks :)

  13. Nicholas Gruen says:

    They’ve been spending time chasing more exciting things – like leadership spills.

    They say they’ll be back to you by the end of the week.

  14. paul walter says:

    You know Nicholas, even without subs my first port of call on these sorts of things is Crikey.
    Not so long ago I would automatically have gone to the Age, but Fairfax, once coin of the realm, are now so debased tabloid that I wont even wipe my arse on their titles, apart from the Canberra Times perhaps.
    Worse still the teev. I used automatically to go to ABC and SBS, now the teev stays off for weeks at a time.

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