Missing Link Friday – Goats, deficits and a long lost shoe

A Twitter randomised trial: "I have a confession to make", writes Andrew Leigh, "I’m a twitter-sceptic." But in keeping with his evidence-based approach to decision making, Andrew Leigh MP is embarking on a one month randomised trial. @aleighmp

Why libertarians need to talk with the left and how to do it: "Between Left and Right, the reality remains that the Left is still closer to our ideals. They are more likely to agree with our social liberalism and foreign policy even though they are economic interventionists." James Peron, Moorfield Storey Blog.

Men who argue with goats: They love a good argument at Menzies House.

… or with Cory Bernardi: "Throughout history it has been demonstrated that any government that becomes too big eventually is forced to accrue a level of debt that cannot be sustained." Cory Bernardi.

The biggest government in the world? "The Congressional Budget Office report … says that annual deficits will remain in the $1 trillion range for the next several years if Bush-era tax cuts slated to expire in December are extended, as commonly assumed." NBC Politics.

So what about the Nordics? "If heavy taxation has harmful economic effects, why have Denmark and Sweden performed similarly to the United States during a period of several decades in which their taxes were much higher than America’s?" Lane Kenworthy.

In praise of private equity: "The difficult truth that virtually no politician is prepared to acknowledge is that the road to job creation runs through job destruction." Reihan Salam.

The introvert’s lament: Social butterflies are annoying. Overdressed Anarchist.

Op shopping: Justin Campbell finds a copy of Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose in an op shop. "I quickly grabbed hold of the book and guarded it in case someone else wanted to buy it", he writes. "The bewildered shopkeeper seemed surprised at my excitement."

The fate of Mrs Petrov’s lost shoe: Apparently Sir Les Paterson has it.

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6 Responses to Missing Link Friday – Goats, deficits and a long lost shoe

  1. conrad says:

    Good to see Cory Bernadi going after tough targets made of straw (with a bit of alternative reality mixed in).

  2. JB Cairns says:

    He really should write for Catallaxy.

    They are big on that

  3. TimT says:

    “I quickly grabbed hold of the book and guarded it in case someone else wanted to buy it”, he writes. “The bewildered shopkeeper seemed surprised at my excitement.”

    Don’t blame him, Don. You’ve got to be quick in bookshops. Sometimes when I don’t have the change to buy the book I’ve been known to cunningly work the double-stacking so as to conceal the precious tome. (I used to frequent crowded second hand bookshops where they often employ double stacking).

  4. JB Cairns says:

    That Lane Kenworthy blog is quite good and thought provoking

  5. Pedro says:

    Are you sure Homer that Sweden is a good example for everyone else?


    What did Milton say about scandinavians?

  6. JB Cairns says:


    I said the blog is good and thought provoking.

    I didn’t say I either agreed or disagreed with the analysis.

    since Lance puts so many caveats in his article I rather think he didn’t actually either.

    His blog is quite goos though.

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