You lose some, you win some

I’ve been counting those I know who are highly energetic, positive people and who are naturally excited by the possibilities of the web, who have been leaving government employ.  I can think of Darren Whitelaw in Victoria, Mia Garlick in the Commonwealth service (though based in Sydney) and Craig Thomler (Cth, Canberra) who have all pulled or are pulling the plug on Government.

But it’s not all one way. There’s at least one person who’s heading into the bureaucracy – the great Pia Waugh who has been the great Kate Lundy’s staffer for three years.

A bundle of optimism, positivity, equanimity, creativity and capability.

So public sector, I hope you know how lucky you are.

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Craig Thomler
9 years ago

There’s some others as well, including Steve Davies (founder of OzLoop), Kylie Johnson (who did great things at Environment and CSIRO, particularly with video and podcasts), Geoff Mason (founder of the Online Communicators Forum on LinkedIn) – who at least is contracting back into government – and Steve Collins (who co-manages the Gov 2.0 Australia Google Group).

And also some others who don’t necessarily like to be named or where it isn’t yet widely known they’re leaving public service.

However ‘pulling the plug’ is relative. Many are still involved with helping government grasp the opportunities, and manage the risks, of the web and Government 2.0.

They are simply working from the outside :)

Craig Thomler
9 years ago

Oh and I should also mention Seb Chan – who has gone to the US :)