A little Canadian activism against IP maximalism

The Canadians, who have a very strong IP regime have been put on the American’s USTR Special 301 Priority Watch List. So they’re getting going tightening up their IP for the delectation of the IP boosters. The Spaniards have already passed a SOPA style law that enables complainants to take down sites accused of taking inadequate steps against IP violations (What steps does Dropbox take for instance?) within ten days of complaint without due process. So it’s important that this kind of madness be stopped.

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Ron Lubensky
12 years ago

Rick’s final comment echoes former Pierre Elliot Trudeau as Minister of Justice 1n 1967, before he became Prime Minister of Canada, who famously said that “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation” (in support of a Bill to decriminalise homosexuality). But there are no charismatic progressive (even centrist) federal politicians now, just comedians. Canadians are mostly watching US television and hockey games, or are tuned out (I was just there, witness to the disconnect). The ill-informed, lunatic right controls that fine country. Too many actually believe the baloney that the data surveillance is needed to deter child pornographers. I doubt activism will make any difference, if it gains any traction at all.