Missing Link Friday – Innovation, conservatism, web 2.0 etc

Why don’t women patent? "In Why Don’t Women Patent?, a recent NBER paper, Jennifer Hunt et al. present a stark fact: Only 5.5% of the holders of commercialized patents are women." Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution.

Innovation and inequality: What effect do now products and technologies have on inequality? Robin Hanson, Overcoming Bias.

An annoying parable: Is the classroom a good model for the economy? Glen Fuller thinks not.

Friedman’s classical liberalism: According to Milton Friedman "Government has done a lot of good. And the implication certainly seems to be that government has done good in ways that the market on its own could not have done. For Friedman, that’s good enough. For Rand, Rothbard and Nozick, of course, it wouldn’t be." Matt Zwolinski, Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

Conservatives aren’t getting crazier: "Conservatism is not getting crazier, and it’s not going away, either. It’s just getting more powerful." Rick Perlstein, Rolling Stone.

You think Twitter’s annoying now? "Going forwards, all of us are going to find Twitter increasingly annoying. The company has been in hyper-growth mode up until now, getting to its current astonishing scale. But it’s now getting serious about making money, which means selling us, the users, to people willing to pay lots of money to work their way into our timelines one way or another." Felix Salmon.

Gov 2.0 – Get it or go: "As Malcolm [Turnbull] points out Gov 2.0 is also about a change in the mindset of public servants. This raises an interesting question. What about those public servants who don’t change their mindset because they don’t want to ‘get it’? If they are holding back Gov 2.0 then should they be retired?" Steve Davies, Ozloop.

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