Melbourne and the body politic

A Club Troppo Research Project

In the Melbourne telephone directory, there are:

89 Head(s)

5 Neck(s)

13 Body(s)

1 Shoulder

14 Arms

69 Hand(s)

35 Finger(s)

52 Legg(s)

27 Foot(s)

1 Feet

6 Toe(s)

2 Heart(s)  – A Time Lord?

22 Lung(s)

13 Kidney(s)

No Stomach

1 Bowels

No Penis,  but 8 Cock(s)

222 Chin(s)  or 111 double Chins

99 Brain(s)

No Eyes, but 1 Eyewear – Sunglasses for sure

21 Ear(s)

No Mouth,  but 8 Tongue(s) and 15 Tooth(s)

And although it might be stretching it a little, this incredible creature speaks with One Voice.  (Provided we count the additional four Voices as just chattering away somewhere inside those 89 Heads)

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Ken Parish
12 years ago

Having a quiet Sunday at home, Rex? Did you consider watching the footie instead of reading the phone book? Still, someone has to do the hard boring yards …

12 years ago

26 Bottoms

1 Bum

Ken Parish
12 years ago

There’s also 1 Sidebottom and 2 Longbottoms.

Time for the TV NRL game now.

12 years ago

Ken, Don’t knock the phone book. Although it is somewhat lacking in plot, it has more characters than the Lord of the Rings.