Fancy dinner with a flashmob in Sydney – tomorrow night?

Someone who emailed me saying he was coming to my presentation at Sydney Uni tomorrow night suggested we catch up for dinner. Which I’ll be doing.  Then I suggested to him that I’d invite anyone who was at the presentation who wanted to come along to come along. Not sure how this will work, but we can discuss it amongst those who want to do so after the session – which runs from 3.00 till 4.30 pm tomorrow. And if you can’t make the presentation but would like to come, maybe we’ll be able to sort something out on Twitter and associated media.

Any suggestions as to nice restaurant we can go to – which will likely have some room for a somewhat unpredictable number of people. (And yes I know that’s a trick question because the best restaurants are full). Anyway, enough eyeballs and all that . . .

Suggestions welcome. And I’ll try to post further details in comments or a postscript on this post.

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11 years ago

Tre Viet on King Street is close, good, cheap and cheerful, and should be able to cater for an unknown size crowd.