Watch chess history being made

Well folks, the World Chess Title is being decided right now. I didn’t want to bug you as the players played the first twelve games – each taking several hours. The score after those games is 6 Anand (Reigning world champion) and 6 Gefland (Challenger). It hasn’t been the best chess with each player putting most of their effort into not losing rather than into winning – a problem for long matches in chess.

But now the tie-break makes it fun. That consists of a number of ‘rapid’ games – which are more fun to watch and involve each player having 25 minutes and 10 seconds per move – sometimes a bit more – for the whole game.  If they don’t decide the outcome it’s a game or two of lightning or blitz at 3 or 5 minutes per game for each player – or 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move.

And it’s being held in Moscow – where else? – and it’s going to start in less than 15 minutes from now – (5.48 pm, Wed). You should be able to watch the moves live – and perhaps some commentary here (though they’ve yet to get the site in order for the 13th game – so perhaps I’m wrong and that’s not the way to watch it. But I’m hoping so.

Postscript 1: Yep, it’s on for one and all – a major uptick in interest since the proper games. The first game was all over the place – ending in a draw . .  .

Postscript 2: Anand won the tiebreak as expected. 2 1/2 – 1 1/2. Three draws, one win.

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