Copyright – WTF edition

I looked up an old post of mine tonight – and happened upon this post which had the video above embedded in it.  It refused to play because NineMSM has asserted its copyright in the clip. Well it’s true. NineMSN has copyright in the clip.  But it’s a mystery as to why it would want the clip taken down. Perhaps it’s embarrassed, but it was well handled by all concerned, and it’s hard to see how it helps it make money. And I’m seeing more and more of these things taken down without even the motive of avoiding embarrassment. Are they hoarding them for some ‘highlights’ video to be shown on the tele? If so the odd blog clip is an advertisement for the clip, not a threat to its exploitation.

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derrida derider
derrida derider
11 years ago

I think they take the view that a right unasserted is a right lost. They’ll assert copyright where they can even if there is no gain in doing sopour encourager les autres.

This is probably correct strategy for copyright holders – that it may not be in the public interest is not their problem.