It’s broken

Hello everyone, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant here.

Ozblogistan was moved to new servers on Monday night by some subcontractors. The ensuing few days have been a mess because the move was only incompletely successful. In particular, bloggers have been unable to log into the wordpress backend to write posts or moderate comments.

This morning a threw a switch and it appears as though we are slowly coming back online. I’m very sorry for the disruption.

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  1. Ken Parish says:

    Well it looks like Jacques can log in anyway. Unfortunately I still can’t, which means I can’t do anything about the jumble of overlaid text making the front page almost unreadable. I suspect it has something to do with the feature slider plugin. Either the web movers didn’t copy it across or it doesn’t work properly on whatever version of WordPress is being used on these servers.

    Anyway, I’ll see what happens when/if I can finally get log-on access. I’ll probably disable the feature slider and then see if Jacques or the hosts can sort out the problem in a more durable way.

  2. Ken Parish says:

    Thanks Jacques. That’s certainly fixed it for now. Don’t worry about more extensive diagnostics until the main problems are all fixed and you’ve had a rest to restore your equanimity.

    Also could you phone me when you get a chance in the next week or so. There’s something I want to discuss. Again no great urgency.

  3. conrad says:

    I said this over at SL as well, as I have difficulty logging on to Troppo with my normal computer, but Sophos picks up Mal/Iframe-W and won’t let me access Troppo. This used to occur at some of the other sites too, although they all seemed to have been fixed. Alternatively, the computer I’m using here uses Avast, and it doesn’t pick this up.

  4. john r walker says:

    I feel that the site looks better without the slider, it was too graphically busy.
    Could a different way of bringing older but still current posts to the top of the page be possible?

  5. Mr T says:

    Thank god the Slider is gone.

    I found it really annoying.

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