Collingwood’s chances (Hint: not good)

Well it’s off to the footy tonight.  Wish me (and outsider Collingwood) luck. Do we have a chance against the mighty Hawks? Not much. Why? Let me count the ways!

  1. We seem to have been down on form lately – but that might turn round in a final.
  2. We are surprisingly low on skill. We have very slick close in handball skills and a good, tight, vigorous backline. We’re still good at the forward press. But partly because of the (past and now fading) success of our forward press, we’re low on other forward skills – including leading (if we lead at all it’s too often into the pocket and when we do lead our mid-fielders passes are too high often enabling the defence to spoil or they go right over the head of the person leading.)
  3. Our success with the forward press also meant that we never worked out any other forward strategy. We lead less than virtually any other club I know. Why? Beats me. We have a great forward in Cloke, but we make it easy for our opponents to crowd him by playing other players near him (enabling their defenders to double tag.) With Dawes out last week Cloke had his best day in ages. Perhaps they’ll learn.

Anyway, there you are – a quick strategic overview before the game.  I’ll be intrigued to see how astute it seems after the game.

Go Pies!

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David Walker
9 years ago

OK Nick, since you’ve adopted the role of footy commentator, go the whole hog: was it insanity to dump Malthouse for Buckley?

David Walker
9 years ago

I don’t know enough to have an opinion. I lack all heaviosity. But I do think the casting-off of a universally admired coach was one of the more interesting moves of recent times.