Will the second coming arrive in Missouri?

Apparently not. In any event, I found this an engaging conversation – even if it’s about cult beliefs. I wouldn’t have expected it, but I found Mitt Romney arguing for his cult more engaging than most of the rest of Mitt’s campaigning. Pity he walked out on what were essentially false pretences just as it was getting interesting. Anyway he had to get out of that booth to stay ‘on message’. It’s a tribute to him that he stayed as long as he did. And interesting to see how seriously people take the narrative of whether they’re a good guy or not.

It’s also a tribute to the Dems that they didn’t run round the evangelical belt of the US spreading rumours that Mormons eat their babies. Then again maybe they did and we didn’t hear of it – because of that liberal press that we have. Certainly there’ve been no end of alarums and excursions around the fact that the Obamas were born on Krypton where they do eat their babies. And Romney was prepared to help those rumours along, for instance making comments to the effect that people didn’t wonder where he was born!!

In case anyone wants to know, an American friend of mine tells me that as Governor of Massachusetts Romney was good on Government 2.0.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vid.

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