A request of our pollies for 2013

No more singing unless you are as good as this.

Happy new year

About john r walker

Have been exhibiting for 30 years . Utopia Art Sydney is my sole outlet. Apart from painting representations I have had a long interest in deep time , history in general and the representation of representation. http://johnrwalker.com.au/
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11 years ago

Van the Man is one of the greats but when I saw him in Sydanee he wasn’t much good at all.

I have a mate who saw him in London once and he was sensational doing 15-20 minute versions of Caravan and Into the Mystic.

I get envious every time he tells us of the concert.

Van the Man had a reputation for being either very good or very bad in concert.

paul walter
paul walter
11 years ago

A great year coming up for you people also. It is a valuable site.