Troppo annual Crikey subscription: it’s on again . . .

Well I’m overseas at present but I’ve received my first request for a renewal of the annual Crikey subscription. And in these days of email it can all be done with very little work, so I’m opening subscriptions for a record breaking, seventh year. (I have no idea how long I’ve done this, but I reckon it’s about seven years.)

So if you want to be in it, assume that the price is likely to be the cheapest on the Crikey website, ($99 for the year) but that it may be a category or two above it if we don’t get to 50 subscribers (we have in the last few years), and send me an email on ngruen at gmail. I’ll then send it onto crikey at the appropriate time. You’ll get an email from them with a link in it which will enable them to pay you and voila (as they say where I am right now) vous avez un Crikey subscription.

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