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OK, this post will stick, irritatingly, to the top of the front page for this week to let you all know that I’ll  be sending off the Crikey subs soon. One reason for the reminder is that I’m surprised that I’ve received less interest this year – is Crikey sliding in popularity? Are its price hikes starting to discourage readers? Perhaps Troppo is sliding in popularity. In any event, we have 32 takers this year so far compared with around 60 or so last year. Last drinks peeps. I’ll send the list off to Crikey next week. My email address again. ngruen is the handle and is the domain.

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  1. BM says:

    Hi Nicholas

    I think in previous years you sent out an email to existing group subscribers. I haven’t received one this year. Maybe that’s a factor in the decline? I know I had been waiting for an email until I saw this post…

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  3. Tyler says:

    how much is the saving? I need to renew my sub as well i suppose

  4. brendan says:

    With 32 people the price is $109/yr. Usual subscription is $172. If 50 people are in the buy then it is $99.

  5. Nick – Thanks for your work in organising this.

  6. Adam says:

    How much would the Crikey group sub be for 32 people?

    I ended my sub mid last year, just too expensive to bother with really.

  7. Chris Grealy says:

    Austerity hurts everyone. Bring back Pure Poison!

  8. Senexx says:

    If I may be so bold, it went downhill when contributors stopped being pseudonymous. It went further downhill when it was sold.
    A few months back I notice a trial only lasts 21 days and not a year like it used to – this indicates to me it has gone farther downhill.

    Each and every time I have considered this offer and passed each time. This time I’m passing not only for Crikey’s fall in reputation but at present for the year I’ll have a negative income of $1300.

    With an election year, I was willing to go the full year trial again to see if Crikey! was still relevant but since that option is no longer available I’ll have to pass.

    In conclusion Crikey! has lost its appeal and its popularity.

  9. Adam says:

    Thanks Brendan.

    I would’ve possibly considered it if it were in the $60-$70 price range so will pass, it’s gone downhill in quality in recent years but the price keeps going up at a rate of knots.

  10. Bill says:

    Any word on the group subscription yet?

  11. Nicholas Gruen says:

    Yes, it’s in the hands of Crikey who are sending out emails Any Day Now, if they haven’t already sent them out.

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