Congratulations Angus Gruen

UnknownWell everyone in my family and extended family are proud of Angus Gruen, my nephew who left Paris (thus avoiding dinner with his uncle and a burn under the seine in the Troppo Mercedes Sports 350 SE), turned up jetlagged and sick at Monash Uni to participate in the Physics Olympiad. It  involved a gruelling schedule in which the whole of first year uni physics was downloaded into his and others’ brain over the course of two weeks. Yes, just two weeks folks. I think there are about twenty people in the country who make it to the Olympiad and you have to get into the top eight to represent Australia at the next stage. And . . . Angus has just been informed that he did!

And if you listen to this podcast you’ll discover that he gives a good account of himself in an interview – not an easy thing to do. It’s very hard to avoid ums and ahs especially without practice. So congratulations Angus. We couldn’t be prouder of you.


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Richard Tsukamasa Green

Does this mean the next generation of the Gruen clan may avoid becoming economists? Are you managing to breed it out?

Richard Tsukamasa Green
Reply to  Nicholas Gruen

and of Noah Smith, and at least one scion of an Australian economics great whom I have met.

I’ve wondered why there’s as many physicist economists as engineer economists (Phillips, Walras, Jevons etc.). For some reason I expected more of the latter.

Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
11 years ago

Oh my God. I am looking at a young David Gruen. Congrats Uncle Nick!