Tom Watson: Mensch

Large man in suit, glasses and short dark hair giving a presentation in front of overhead projection screenI first got to know Tom Watson. OK I’ve never met him but we’ve corresponded when he’d just resigned as a Minister in Gordon Brown’s Government doing many things to promote open government and I was doing the government 2.0 Taskforce. In any event, I’ve marvelled at Tom’s morphing into an MP who, having been through the ordeal of of being savaged by the Murdoch empire became more bereft of support from respectable political folk and more and more determined to see justice done.

Anyway, he’s now resigned from the shadow ministry. “After nearly thirty years of this, I feel like I’ve seen the merry-go-round turn too many times. Whereas the Shadow Cabinet’s for people who still want to get dizzy.” You can read his fine resignation letter here.

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10 years ago

According to the recently leaked recording, Murdoch did promise revenge…