Never Mind the Costings, Check out these Cojones!

Much as I prefer to ignore the current session of our great national game of Politics, the Rigmarole I haven’t managed to shut out all of the media kibbitzing. One little item of gaming news that slipped past my mental guard was the fact that Tony Abbott has picked up an extension pack and added at least one new card to his personal deck. So far he’s played it twice.
The first time was in a press conference on the asylum seeker issue (broadcast on ABC 24) when he declared that the reason we’re getting so many unauthorised boat arrivals is that back in 2008, Kevin Rudd behaved like a sissy-boy cry-baby. He wasn’t ‘man enough to leave well enough alone’.
The second was in his recent announcement that he’d instructed Liberal Party branches in all states to preference The Greens last and challenged Kevin Rudd to show that he was ‘man enough’ to do likewise. To me, that sounds like an invitation to help him beat up that sissy-boy Adam Bandt because he’s hopelessly infested with yukky girl-germs from hanging around with Christine Milne and Meg LeesSarah Hanson-Young (D’Oh).
That’s right, Tony’s playing the Balls Card. Don’t be surprised if he walks on stage at the next major Liberal campaign event to the tune of ‘Colonel Bogey’ with lyrics sung by the Young Liberal Choir:

Kevin, Has only got one ball…

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Gummo Trotsky is the on-line persona of Paul Bamford. Paul recently placed his intellect at risk of finally becoming productive by enrolling in a Lemonade, Lime & Bitters degree via distance education. He also plays the piano but Keith Jarrett he ain't.
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8 years ago

Post doesn’t go far enough with gamer dog-whistling. Tap “Boat People” for three propaganda points this round.