Shameless self promotion ….. while the pollies have been silenced


I am taking this opportunity to launch me own website :

Hope you enjoy.

I would like to thank  Andrew Hunter of KeyChange Solutions for his patience and terrific design input.

About john r walker

Have been exhibiting for 30 years . Utopia Art Sydney is my sole outlet. Apart from painting representations I have had a long interest in deep time , history in general and the representation of representation.
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5 Responses to Shameless self promotion ….. while the pollies have been silenced

  1. Ingolf says:

    “You can’t deliberately be spontaneous. It’s like grace.”

    Love some of your stuff (“Three Trees”, for example) and also, from what little I now know, the road you’ve travelled.

    Congratulations, you bastard . . . .

    • Ingolf says:

      John, I hope the intent of my comment didn’t get lost or turned upside down. After our couple of earlier exchanges, I figured you’d know where I was coming from.

      Anyway, just to be clear, it was written with a mixture of admiration, humour and a smidgen of envy.

      • Ingolf, no offence was taken – actually enjoyed your remarks – I have been a bit busy. As further evidence of the weirdness of life, I spent most of last weekend as an attendee to the Canberra Goulburn Anglican synod and the reason for me being there goes back to the words of a pilgrim to Lord Krishna in Kerala in 2000. We were waiting for an overdue train and struck up a conversation with this Indian bloke – very successful businessman dressed down in his pilgrim clothing. At some point he turned to me and said, seriously, ” you really should be going to church.” Coming as it did from him, it was the ultimate Shane Warne wrong ‘un. You’re not a bad bastard yourself. :)

        • Ingolf says:

          And you hit it to the boundary, it seems. Alternately, sometimes being bowled out is just what’s needed. Whichever, it’d be great to see his reaction to you at the Synod 13 years down the track.

  2. Steve says:

    You might like mine, while we’re in a shamelessly self-promoting mood :-)

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