This Year’s Likely Senate Lotto Winners

According to the ABC’s Senate Election calculator, these are the seven ‘others’ who will be joining the Greens and Senator John Madigan of the DLP on the Senate cross-benches in the new parliament.

Party Candidate & State 1st Preferences (%) Quotasi Countsii
Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party Ricky Muir (VIC) 0.52 0.04 35
Australian Sports Party Wayne Dropulich (WA) 0.22 0.02 27
Family First Bob Day (SA) 3.76 0.26 31
Liberal Democratic Party David Leyonhjelm (NSW) 8.88 0.62 43
Nick Xenophon Group Nick Xenophon (SA)iii 25.8 1.8 1
Palmer United Party Glenn Lazarus (QLD) 10.3 0.72 35
Jacqui Lambie (TAS) 6.92 0.48 25

i Figures for percentages of the primary vote and quotas are taken from the AEC website1

ii The number of counts the ABC’s Senate election calculator predicts it will take to achieve the result after preference distribution.

iii Since he was elected on first preferences, Nick Xenophon doesn’t really count as a Senate Lotto winner.



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Gummo Trotsky is the on-line persona of Paul Bamford. Paul recently placed his intellect at risk of finally becoming productive by enrolling in a Lemonade, Lime & Bitters degree via distance education. He also plays the piano but Keith Jarrett he ain't.
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10 years ago

Christine Milne will be disappointed that the Greens have lost BOP

10 years ago

Really, Gummo, you should go the whole hog. Just rename preference harvesting as ‘preference smuggling’ and you can issue dramatic calls to break the business model of the preference smugglers.