Capablanca v Marshall

1927  José Raúl Capablanca - Alexander Alekhine

OK, so this is José Raúl Capablanca v Alexander Alekhine a few years later, but that’s blogging for you – no fact checkers, no pay, no responsibility. Not like the MSM

This is perhaps the most storied chess game in history. Frank Marshall the US champion developed a gambit to tackle the great Capablanca – a Cuban and the most talented player in the world. But he didn’t want Capa to get notice of it before he had a chance to play it on him. So he waited and worked on the analysis of the Marshall gambit or the Marshall Attack in which black sacrifices a pawn for the most dangerous attack.

Many such ancient chess favourites are relegated to curiosities in modern times as modern analysis shows up their flaws. But the Marshall remains in play to this day. But a webpage has been set up to take you through the game on that fateful day for which Marshall had patiently waited for nine long years 1918 (Ok the years were no longer than normal years – I just got carried away.  But you get my drift).

Anyway, play through the game and find out what happened.

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8 years ago

Poor Frank Marshall. Hope he didn’t stew over that result for another 10 years.

Anyway, fun website though I found the combination of having to scroll to get both the moves and the analysis a little annoying in the end.

tony tea
tony tea
8 years ago

Agree with Tim about the scroll-moves. Good idea, poorly done. Still love following chess games, but.

tony tea
tony tea
8 years ago

Love the way Cap soaked up the pressure, then hit Marshall on the rebound. Early rope-a-dope.