Public goods privately provided: the video

I recently gave a presentation in Adelaide at the Australian Centre for Social Innovation which I chair. As you’ll see, and perhaps to your surprise, there’s a continuity between the way I’ve been thinking about the online world and social innovation – they’re all tied together in the ubiquity of public goods privately provided and the fractal ecology of public and private goods – both ideas that, it turns out, were implicit in Smith – and in a rather less nourishing brew in Hayek.

If you’ve watched my presentations you may find some of it goes over old ground – for instance the material at the beginning of the talk is similar to the first fifteen minutes of this talk. And the last half may remind you of this presentation, on the social innovation material, though it was given from a different perspective – that of the arts.

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Chris Lloyd
Chris Lloyd
10 years ago

Naive question. How to you switch between the video and powerpoint. Is it mixed by someone else or do you toggle yourslef in real time?