Crikey Subscription: It’s on again

It’s on again folks – or at least I’ve started to receive emails about it from you people. The incredible Troppo Crikey Sub. I’ve not been able to find, on a quick search, the savings on a one year subscription, but if you can give us the link, please do so in comments. We typically get enough subscriptions to get to the lowest price.

You know the drill. Send me a request at ngruen AT gmail. Please keep it as easy for me as you can. With over a hundred subscriptions, I don’t like answering questions etc. Just send me an email which I can put in a ‘folder’ to eventually send Crikey.

Postscript: Ignore most of what’s above. I’m just leaving it up there because we get remunerated by the word here at Troppo. But the bottom line is that if we get over 50 subscribers the price goes down to $99 – they’re clever these marketers, they know that we think that 99 is less than 100 which is quite a bit of money. In any event, Crikey are now sending out reminders to you if you’re already on the list. If so, and you want to proceed, please proceed with them. Deal done. There are 58 reminders going out and we have to get 50 subscribers to hit the psychological $99 price mark. If we don’t we’ll go over $100 and that’s a fair bit of money. If you are not an existing Tropscriber, or don’t receive an email by the end of this week, send me an email at ngruen AT gmail and I’ll swing Troppo’s bargaining muscle in behind your own (evidently) puny market heft.

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