Congratulations: Great game Junta

I recall seeing an exciting young player from Canberra at a Doberl Cup about seven or eight years ago. (The Doberl Cup is a regular fixture of the Canberra calendar. The comp was endowed by Mr Doberl with enough money so that the best from Australia and a few additional grandmasters from further afield come and fight for the cup.)

Junta Ikeda was the kid’s name and he was given to sharp and clever play, unafraid to sacrifice to gain an edge. So it was fun as I looked at today’s chess problem from to see his name. Sure enough the problem was to see how he won. I worked it out I’m pleased to say. And if you play through the game you can see what I mean about his swashbuckling style.

Black to play
Michael Wei vs J Ikeda

33. …?
See game for solution.
Difficulty Scale

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