Chart of the week: routine skills are on the way out

Types of SkillFrom the soon to be published “PISA 2012 Results: Creative Problem Solving”, OECD


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4 Responses to Chart of the week: routine skills are on the way out

  1. Nick says:

    I have literally no clue what this means.

  2. John walker says:

    Is non routine manual , a type of car ?

  3. Paul Frijters says:

    weird graphs to bunch together! They are really hard to read without more explanation.
    If I were to guess, the first one shows cumulative change in inputs (presumably measured by on-the-job questionnaires or implicit from a mapping from changes in industry composition to task-composition by industry). The second looks like a cumulative change too, but then relative to the 1960 distribution (which is something quite different from the first: the changes in inputs might be a lot lower or bigger than in the first graph depending on the variation in that 1960 distribution). And the third is in a much smaller scale (single digit percentages versus tens of percentages in the other two), so one would presume we are then looking at average annual changes, though god knows what the ‘across occupations’ bit means.

    All in all, a bizarre trio to stick together. Creative though. Probably the only way they could get the lines to look similar.

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