Hypocrisy and the outbreak of crypto-socialism amongst our corporate overlords: Shock!

Mark zuckerberg tim cookIn an outbreak of cross-pontification Tim Cook thinks that Facebook and Google customers should be pretty suspicious of them because they collect a lot of data. Not to be outdone, Mark Zuckerberg thinks that Apple should cut its prices so it doesn’t make as much money. He doesn’t think that Facebook should cut it’s prices to its users – perhaps by paying them a cut of the revenue they bring in – to bring Facebook’s profit down to the kinds of reasonable levels he feels Apple’s profitability should be.

Still, it’s nice to see St Thomas Aquinas’s theory of the just price if not making a comeback, then at least poking its head over the parapet.

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9 years ago

Perhaps the House of Zuckerberg could marry off a daughter to a Google heir. That would ensure blood ties to avoid any treachery while Facebook battles Apple and simultaneously defend its northern reaches against raids from the nomadic Twits.