Bitcoin: Micro-economic miracle worker and macro-economic wrecking ball

Yes, folks, every now and again you hear yourself talking in sound-bytes – well I do anyway. It’s kind of fun – like when you look at those 3D pictures that were in vogue in the 1980s – I think there was one every week in the Good Weekend – and your brain suddenly comes into synch and you can see the 3D effect. Perhaps this is what the Delphic Oracle felt like when she was really giving prophecy. Anyway after my presentation at a Bitcoin conference I was whisked away by a bunch of people working on a doco on bitcoin for an interview. I had a lot of fun, and somehow the force was with me. Soundbites emanated with a rare fluency. I was having fun. I have no idea whether I’m quoted in other parts of this doco, now assembled with a cheesy American narrator who has another force with him – not one I like much. But there you go.

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