The sins of the fathers …

Embedded image permalinkHold the presses – Coal may not be good for humanity. OK that was a cheap ideological shot – the kind you might see on our rival ideologically aligned blogs but surely not here at Club Pony.

In any event, the graphic above is a remarkable illustration of the long lived effect of the culture and economy that grew up around coal in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. If your area mined coal, chances are you voted Labour in the election and you’re more likely to die young (the map on the right being one of life expectancy).

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  1. Greg says:

    If your area mined coal (and developed manufacturing industry in conjunction with this cheap power source) chances are you voted Labour.
    It’s my impression that industry in the UK was more tied to local power than those that came after, because their industry developed a technology for moving coal about – railways. Although .. the Ruhr, Pittsburgh, Newcastle 2300
    Remarkable maps

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